6705073The mission of the United Methodist Church is: To make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world. The fulfillment of this mission has led us as a church to make discipleship our primary ministry focus. And to that end, our goal is to multiply the number of self-initiating, reproductive, fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ through a process of discipleship. We define our discipleship process this way: A deeply relational process of transformation into Christlikeness, empowered by the Holy Spirit.

This process is facilitated principally through small groups and we are currently utilizing two basic formats.

  • Congregational Discipleship Groups:
    Small groups consisting of 6-8 participants, utilizing a “Life Journal” as their resource.  These groups will covenant together to read through the Bible in one year and meet for one hour each week to discuss their Scripture reading. Participants will also be focused on building deep relationships with other group members, mutual accountability, prayer and service.  A primary function of these congregational discipleship groups is preparing participants to join future Intensive Discipleship Groups. These groups can be formed or expanded at any time and we will continually be harvesting new small group leaders from these existing groups on an as needed basis. We will also be adding new small group resources as individual groups complete their initial one-year reading plan through the Bible.
  • Intensive Discipleship Groups:
    Our discipleship definition provides the framework for our Intensive Discipleship Groups and we draw the example of our model from Jesus and his disciples. These groups will consist of six participants and two leaders. Groups will be meeting for two hours each week for a period of approximately 24 months. Multiple written resources will be utilized in a “Curriculum of Christlikeness” which participants will read and discuss weekly.Participants will also be focused on building deep personal relationships within their group, mutual accountability, prayer, and service. Upon completion of this process, participants (in pairs) will be required to recruit six new group members and then lead them through this same process. Initial commitment to participate in an Intensive Discipleship Group is approximately 48 months.

We believe our Intensive Discipleship process provides the basis for the sustainable long-term growth of the church. If you have any questions or would like to participate in one of these groups please contact Chris Martin – chrismartin@lathamumc.org or 256.302.2666.