Children’s Sunday School

Preschool Sunday School

Preschool Sunday School offers a great time for your child to learn Bible stories in fun and experiential ways. They may have a finger puppet play, paint a Bible story picture with water colors or act out a story with their classmates.  There’s no end to the creativity of our preschool leaders!!!

Leaders for Preschool are: Jennifer Barger & Susan Terry
Preschool Class meets with Kind./ 1st Grade in Room 3 of the Children’s Wing 

Elementary Sunday School

Children’s Sunday School offers an exciting time not only to learn about God but to experience God through various activities in each classroom. All classes can be found in the Children’s Wing.

Leaders for Elementary School are:
Kindergarten & Grade 1: Susan Terry & Jennifer Barger – Room 3
Grades 2 & 3: David Gore and Suzanne Broadway – Kids’ Corner – Office Wing 
Grades 4 & 5: Alice Vosahlik & Sherri Ryan- Kids’ Corner – Office Wing