Adult Sunday School

If you’re looking for a way to grow spiritually, Latham has a Sunday School class for you!! No matter what your age, stage in life, or interest, there is a place for you. In these classes, you will find engaging conversation; people who care about one another; and inspiring study.

Office Wing:

Searchers Class – Room 10
Betty Vaughn
Currently studying “International Bible Literature”

Covenant Class – Room 14
Don Beaver
Currently studying “International Bible Literature”

Family Life Center:

First Floor

Fellowship Class – Room 144
Al Kidd
Studying various books of the Bible

Wesley Class – Room 151
Studying “International Bible Literature

Kairos Class – Room 167
Rev. Damon Nolin
Currently studying 1st Thessalonians

Third Floor:

Agape Class – Room 307
Jackie Langhout
Currently studying “Being United Methodist”

Nativity Class – Room 310
Mr. Pat Sinopole
Currently studying the book of Matthew

Faith Class – Room 312
Howard Trowbridge
Currently studying online current events

Anchor Class – Room 318
Lauren Stiles

Sey Class – Room 320
Fred Clemons
Currently studying the book of Ezekiel

Genetians – Room 321

Live and Learn – Room 322
Jane Smith
Currently studying the book of James