Child Development Center

Child Development Center Staff


Traci Harris, Director
Ms. Traci has been with LUMCDC since August 2001. After spending 8 years in the classroom as a half day 3 year old preschool teacher she decided to take all the children under her wing as director. She has an Elementary Education degree from Brigham Young University. With four children of her own (2 in college and 2 at home) she keeps busy with their various activities.  Spending time outside, gardening, and camping is enjoyed when time allows.  She loves children’s books!  Ms. Traci’s favorite thing about working at LUMCDC is “Everything! The children, the hugs, the smiles, the wonderful families, the great staff, the sound of joyous noise coming down the hallway! What a blessing to spend time with these precious children each day!”

Christina Shore, Assistant Director
Ms. Christina has been at LUMCDC since October 2008. She has worked with all age of children and has been the assistant director since spring of 2010. She has an associates degree in nursing and has worked in a child care setting since 1999. She has four children ranging in ages of 3-16. She enjoys reading, spending time with family, spending time outdoors and listening to good music.  Ms. Christina’s favorite thing about working with the children at LUMCDC is “hearing their laughter because you know they are genuinely happy and love life!”

Beth Allen, Half Day Preschool 2 Year Old Teacher
Ms. Beth has been at LUMCDC since August 2014.  She has 8+ years of experience teaching at a child care facility, in home or at church.  She loves to travel and attend concerts with friends and family.  She loves to spend time with family, especially going to the beach and theme parks.  Ms. Beth’s favorite thing about working with the children is, “getting to know each child and helping them learn through books and crafts.  I love to see the children get excited about learning.”

Brooke Wimberly, Half Day Preschool 4 Year Old Pre-K Teacher
Ms. Brooke has been at LUMCDC since August 2015.  She is finishing up her Child Development Associates degree from Calhoun Community College.   In addition to being a mother of 3 daughters, she has spent 9 years working with young children, 7 of those years in a preschool setting.  She loves to craft, watch her girls play sports, camp, cookouts, and shopping.  Ms. Brooke’s favorite thing about working with the children is, “they are so eager to learn new things.  They make me laugh with their silly stories and the way the communicate.  We are a very hands on learning class and they make teaching and so much fun!”

Kelsey Rives, Infant Teacher
Ms. Kelsey has been at LUMCDC since July 2015.  She has worked with small children for several years through babysitting, another child care facility and her own two children.  She loves crafting.  In fact, she started her own hair bow business this past year.  Ms. Kelsey’s favorite thing about working with the Infants is “introducing sign language and being a help in their growth and development stages such as crawling, walking, etc.”

Lisa Tucker, Infant Teacher
Ms. Lisa has been at LUMCDC since August 2014.  While raising two children of her own, she spent several years teaching 4 year olds at other Preschools.  She enjoys cross stitch, crafting, and spending time with family, especially watching her son race cars and her daughter compete in beauty pageants.  Ms. Lisa’s favorite things about working in the Infant room is, “sharing all of the babies ‘firsts’ with the parents.”

Autumn Harrison, Toddler Teacher
Ms. Autumn has been at LUMCDC since October 2014.  She has spent the past 11 years loving and caring for young children as a private nanny and in the childcare environment.  She is a singer/songwriter with over 30 original songs.  She enjoys making short films, photography, painting and drawing.  She is an animal lover and enjoys nature and all of it’s beauty.  Ms. Autumn’s favorite thing about working with the Toddler’s is “treasuring the fact that I have the opportunity to become an extended part of the family in caring for children.  Seeing things that you know firsthand, that you specifically taught a child, is the most rewarding part of the experience.”

Cassie Weese, Toddler Teacher
Ms Cassie has been at LUMCDC since October 2015.  She is currently working on her Medical Office Administration degree.  She has spent several years as a nanny and caring for young children.  She loves her pets, doing crafts, and enjoys cooking for her friends and family.  Ms. Cassie’s favorite part of working with children is ” loving to see them learn and grow.”

Julie Wright, Toddler Teacher
Ms. Julie has been at LUMCDC since November 2013.  Since the age of 12 she has been babysitting and later a nanny before joining our staff.  She enjoys to cook, bake, knit, crochet, hike, camp and dance.  Ms. Julie’s favorite part of working with the children is “seeing them grow up and learn.”

Kay Meyers, 3 Year Old Teacher
Ms. Kay has been at LUMCDC since August 2011.  She has over 20 years of experience teaching children at a Montessori school, in her home and other daycare settings, as well as at church.  She enjoying painting, cross stitch, woodwork, knitting, crocheting, tile work, and computer graphics but lately has been very busy caring for her mother.  Ms. Kay’s favorite thing about working at LUMCDC is “when you see the child understand what you are teaching and the parents notice those skills are carrying over in the home.  I enjoy telling stories, using the flannel board, and hugging them each day!”

Ellanah Malden, 3 Year Old Teacher
Ms. Ellanah has been at LUMCDC since August 2015.  She will be receiving her bachelors in Psychology in December 2015.  She has 3 years previous experience at a child care center.  She enjoys reading, shopping and anything to do with music.  She also enjoys spending time with her dog Peanut.  Ms. Ellanah’s favorite thing about working with the children is, “developing a bond with the children.  They are so eager to learn and I learn from them too.”

Tedi Handley, Enrichment Teacher
Ms. Tedi has been at LUMCDC since August 2012.  In addition to caring for her own two children, she has served as chapter president of MOMS Club of Huntsville-South, organizing many events for at-home moms with children of various ages.  She has also had the pleasure of c0-chairing a children’s activity pavilion at Panoply the past few years.  Her favorite place to be is at home with her family.  She enjoys watching documentaries on various topics, especially science and nature.  She enjoys learning new things!  Ms. Tedi’s favorite thing about working with the children in Enrichment class is “their great questions and endless curiosity!  Young children are natural scientists who approach everything with enthusiasm and wonder!”

Tinna Shamburger, 4 Year Old Teacher
Ms. Tinna taught at LUMCDC from 2008-2009 and returned in November 2014.  She is certified in medical, medicine and pharmaceuticals.  She has worked with young children for 20 years in various capacities including children with special needs.  She enjoys walking, reading, tennis, shopping, and working with the elderly and children.  Ms. Tinna’s favorite thing about working with the children is “To see the things children can learn and to see them progress overtime.”


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