Child Development Center

Curriculum Offered

Center-wide units and concepts are taught in all classrooms. In addition, teachers have been trained to evaluate developmental milestones unique to each age group.

Teachers observe changes as each child grows in the different skill areas:
communication, motor, adaptive behavior, cognitive, and social emotional skills.

Age-specific curriculum is outlined below.

Examples of Developmental Milestones:
• Sits without support
• Responds to and imitates facial expressions of others
• Holds cups with two hands
• Pulls self to stand
• Transfers object from one hand to the other
• Follows moving object with eyes
• Puts objects in mouth
• Picks things up with thumb and one finger
• Recognizes own name
• Babbles
• Shows emotions- looks hurt, sad, happy, uncomfortable, angry
• Turns head to voices and sounds

Examples of Developmental Milestones:
• Points to objects when asked
• Walks alone
• Uses spoon
• Says first meaningful word
• Squats
• Drinks from a cup alone
• Uses “mine” to indicate possession
• Moves to music
• Responds to simple commands- “come here”, “get down”
• Plays along side another child

Two Year Olds
Emphasis is placed on socialization and language development. Classes focus on a new color each month.
Examples of Developmental Milestones:
• Enjoys simple storybooks and rhymes
• Runs, leaning forward
• Matches objects that go together
• Points to pictures of objects when they are named
• Walks on tiptoes
• Discriminates simple shapes
• Holds crayon with thumb and finger, not fist
• Talks in two word phrases
• Knows if he/she is a boy or a girl
• Pounds, squeezes and pulls play dough
• Turns handle to open door
• Participates in simple group games and activities
• Washes and dries hands with assistance
• Responds to simple direction

Three Year Olds
Examples of Developmental Milestones:
• Describes what he/she is doing
• Walks backward
• Repeats finger plays with words and actions
• Snaps or hooks clothing in front
• Cuts between the lines
• Separates from parent in familiar surroundings without crying
• Puts shoes on correct feet
• Holds pencil between 1st 2 fingers an thumb
• Follows rules given by adults for new activities or simple games
• Goes to the toilet alone
• Matches objects by color, shape and size
• Asks for assistance when having difficulty
• Puts graduated sizes in order
• Understands “more”, “less”, “same”
• Follows directions for placing one item “beside” or “under” another

Four Year Olds – Pre-K
Classes focus on Kindergarten readiness skills including letter recognition, writing, and independence.
Examples of Developmental Milestones:
• Listens to long stories
• Asks when, how and why questions
• Follows 3 unrelated directions in order of request
• Tells a story
• Attempts to write own name
• Draws, names and describes recognizable picture
• Is able to take turns
• Dresses self with minimal help
• Can talk about yesterday or last week, today and tomorrow
• Hops on one foot
• Plays with words- rhyming, made up words
• Plays cooperatively with group of children
• Cuts on line
• Identifies letters of the alphabet
• Helps with errands or putting away toys

Topic Schedule 2017-2018

Month Virtue Colors
(Begin at two)
(Begin at three)
(Begin at three)
(Begin at four)
August Respect Blue Square 1 One H  X
September Responsibility Orange Circle 2 Two R  S  T  U
October  Forgiveness Black Triangle 3 Three A  P  L  M
November Gratitude Brown Rectangle 4 Four F  I
December Generosity Red Star 5 Five REVIEW
January Courage White Oval 6 Six B  C  D
February Compassion Pink/Purple Heart 7 Seven K  V  Z
March  Hope Green Diamond 8 Eight W  G  E
April Loyalty Yellow Hexagon 9 Nine N  Y  Q  J
May Diligence Rainbow Octagon 10 Ten O  REVIEW

Unit Schedule 2017-2018

Month Unit
August Back to School
Glad to Be ME
My Family, Home & Pets
I Have a Body/My 5 Senses
September Nursery Rhymes

Space Exploration
Community Helpers

October Wild Wild West
Autumn Colors/LeavesMarvelous Manners
November Food & Nutrition
Pilgrims & Indians
I Am ThankfulCreating Christmas
December Holiday Traditions
Merry CHRISTmas!
Woodland Animals
January Winter
BearsUnder the Big Top


Healthy Teeth

February Feelings
Rhyming With Dr. Seuss
March Weather

Down on the Farm
Spring is in the Air

April Birds & Flowers
Bugs & Butterflies
Week of the Young ChildWe Love the Earth
May Jungle Safari

Hawaiian Luau
Under the Sea
Summer Fun

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